We are going to run many operating positions in the same time so we need some equipment. As usual we will pay many attention to propagation openings and to low bands. We will have beam antennas for higher bands and many verticals plus RX antennas for low bands. Here is the list of our equipment:

2 x Elecraft K3
1 x Kenwood TS-590
1 x ICOM IC-7000
1x ICOM IC-7300
Antennas (TX)
1 x 5 band Spiderbeam
3 x VDA (20m, 17m & 12m, 15m & 10m)
1 x GP7 Multiband Vertical
Stacked verticals for 30m, 40m and 80m
Inverted L for 160m
Antennas (RX)