News. 2016-12-04. 8Q7SP DXpedition is over

Here are the news sent by Włodek SP6EQZ on December 2.

The 8Q7SP story is coming to the end. Two days more of activity from now (Deember 2). During the last days low band antennas were put down. The last day of activity (14 – 28MHz only) was Saturday. On Sunday we started our journey back home to Frankfurt and then to Wrocław.

There are over 20.000 QSOs in the log. We expected much more… We had everything to operate effectively: good operators, antennas, equipment… Unfortunately the QTH was not good because fo terriible, constant QRM and also the propagation conditions were not too good during our DXpedition.

After all we are especially produd of many QSOs to NA stations (about 4%) – antipodes for 8Q7. Many West Coast stations were logged on 80m and 40m and even one on the top band. Almost all low band QSOs have great value for us as the QRM was high and signals were on the noise level.

The constant and high QRM is the that we received many requests to correct callsigns in the log. We will review all of them after coming back home and after some recover. During two weeks after the DXpedition all corrections will be uploaded to the ClubLog.

Please use the ClubLog OQRS service for direct as well as for bureau QSL requests. It makes QSL job much easier.

Thanks fo all QSOs….

Włodek SP6EQZ

One thought on “News. 2016-12-04. 8Q7SP DXpedition is over

  1. Dziekuje chlopaki za wspaniala nastepna przygode.
    73 de Andrzej SP9KR

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