News. 2016-11-25

As we informed earlier – we have a big problem with local QRM coming from PLC center distributing internet on the island. It is located next to our QTH and sometimes QRM is so big that it make impossible working on some bands (even when the propagation is good). Especially 20 meters is useless for most part of the day. We are wer sorry to inform about it but we can do nothing. Me moved mmost of the antennas to the beach, we used all of our feeder but it did not helped too much.

In such a situation we have changed our mind and there will be no Mult-Multi participation in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. Instead there will be Single Operator 40 meters entry. Fortunately there is Russian Team of 8Q7DV on Maledives and you surely will be able to work 8Q multiplier on all bands.

Please don’t ask us to correct log typos etc. We are not able to make any corrections during the DXpedition. If you are not in the log, if there was a typo etc. – work us again. Any corrections will be done only after the DXpedition.

8Q7SP Team

8Q7SP Team

2 thoughts on “News. 2016-11-25

  1. Romek pozdrawiam Ciebie i kolegów
    Postaram się być w Zawoi w niedzielę na 40 ,m
    Klucz chodzi świetnie
    Wielu wrażeń 73 Darek SP9MQA

  2. Every day we are calling several South American stations in 7015 cw.
    In my case 3 elements yagui and 1.5kW, but do not listen to any station here. Every day they arrive with excellent signals, but nothing. See the possibility of calling only for South America, because at the same time also enters Europe and USA and we can not communicate. See your log on 40m.
    73 and I hope they can solve it.
    PY4HO Fabio

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