News: 2016-11-21

As we informed in the previous post, there is strong QRM in the QTH of 8Q7SP. Team members made quick “investigation” to find the source of the noise (which is on the level of 59 +10db on higher bands). Bad news – in the building next to their QTH there is a central PLC HUB distributing Internet services on the island. It seems the best thing would be to move to another island 🙁  – but it is of course impossible… So please be patient, don’t complain on DX Clusters etc. We will do our best but local noise level is so high that sometimes it makes impossible copying even quite strong signals.

Last night we had good run on 40m and 30m. Lots of VK, JA, EU, NA and SA. Thanks for all QSOs made duirng the first days.

Our 80m meters antenna setup is ready: a vertical and  beverages. Now some members of the team are busy preparing the top band antenna setup.

The weather is not nice for antenna works outside: rainy, stuffy, high level of humidity.

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