8Q7SP has started…

The 8Q7SP reached the island with all ttheir equipment without ant problems. Right after arrival they started to built the station and antennas. They had some problems with the WiFi network at some operationg positions. Some antennas are ready: Spiderbeam, VDA for 20m, 2el vertical for 40m.  As you surely noticed 8Q7SP apeared on bands.

They noticed the first problem. The local QRM is so strong that they can hardly copy even relatively strong signals. Team members are tired after a long journey and they decided to have a rest before the next days. There will be one operating position QRV now and other stations will be on the air tomorrow.

One thought on “8Q7SP has started…

  1. Hi the Wlodek team, today do not forget 28 and 24 Mhz around 1200Z big peak then. Now 0700Z listen 18125 but nil so far, will open for sure? nothing heard on CW yet, please try 18 Mhz also on CW should be ok and better than SSB best 73s Jean

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